The Isle of Adraan

The Bloody Baron

Striking back at the Sea Devils

The last of the gold in the orb chamber is collected and the party stumbles out of the dark temple into the light of day. Enna notices that the forest noises of birds and small creatures can be heard. Her fey senses tell her that the party are no longer being watched, that the presence she felt while traveling through the forest is gone.

“We have defeated Lolth and freed this forest from her,” says Haleth. Everyone agrees that good has been done this day.

Our heroes debate what to do next. Should they return to Tendre, or should they travel to the coastal location on the map found in the Sahuagin cave? The party agrees to carry on to the coast, since it is only a day’s travel away.

The trip is uneventful, though another night is spent close enough to the ocean to hear its roar carried on the breeze. Enna can hear the familiar far off cries of something in the water. They are the eerie calls of the Sea Devils.

The next day they reach the cliffs at the place marked on the map. There are pathways down to a narrow sea shore. The tide is out but it looks as if high tide would cover the shoreline, so the party much move quickly. Enna searches up and down the shore. At first she sees nothing but then notices the way the water colour changes out to sea, as if there is a shallow shelf that suddenly drops into deep ocean.

Warning everyone else to stay on shore Enna makes a running dive into the sea, and begins swimming out into towards the edge of the shallows. Caecius dives in after her, though has difficulties keeping up with the nimble elf.

Diving down, Enna soon sees that the shallows end and there is a deep drop beyond them. Looking over the edge her keen eyes see something: the shallows are a shelf that overhangs the sea bed around 150 feet below. Beneath the shelter of the overhang are some strange-looking dwellings and guarding them are some Sahuagin!

Enna believes she is unseen and so swims to the surface and signals Caecius to return to the shore. Stepping out of the water, dripping wet, the elf recounts what she has seen. None of the heroes feel like tackling the Sea Devils underwater and so they concoct a plan. They will set up camp near the cliff top with a bright fire, and establish an ambush for the Sahuagin. They will tempt the Sea Devils onto land and surprise them there.

The rest of the day is spent setting up the camp and resting. Enna and Ilwyn travel to the Shiverfang forest and come back with wood for the fire and for stakes that the goblin begins to fashion into traps. As dusk comes around everyone takes their positions: Haleth near the fire as bait; Caecius and Elgold hiding in tents away from the likely line of approach; Enna concealed in a tree and Ilwyn in a bush.

The first hours of night are uneventful, but then Ilwyn and Enna’s sensitive hearing picks up the approach of something from the direction of the sea. Suddenly there is an unearthly screech, as something impales itself on one of Ilwyn’s stake traps.

The ambush is sprung! Haleth rushes out and dispatches two Sahuagin guards trying to collapse a tent on a non-existent occupant. Enna hits a distant Sea Devil with a perfect shot that kills it outright. Then she engages a nearby raider that has blundered into another of Ilwyn’s traps, instantly bloodying it.

Caecius charges down a second raider, knocking it over, while Ilwyn tries to edge around, looking to stab it from behind. Elgold uses a spell to finish the remaining guards.

The two raiders in charge of the Sea Devil party try to flee from the ambush, but Caecius hooks one with his spear, preventing it from running. Elgold hits it with a cloud of corrosive mist that dissolves its flesh, screaming. It quickly expires.

Haleth sprints after the second raider, attacking it before it can get away. Elgold again fires off another spell that fells the creature. The battle is over and the ambush was so complete that none of the party received so much as a scratch.

The bodies of the Sahuagin raiding party are piled up. Everyone debates what to do next. There’s a whole community down on the seabed, ruled by powerful priests or a baron. No-one is keen on fighting the Sea Devils underwater, so they wonder what to do to tempt them to the surface.

It is the goblin Ilwyn who has the idea of cutting off the heads of the bodies, weighting them and dropping them down to the sea bed. Everyone else nods agreement. That will get the attention of these evil creatures and draw them out of the safety of the sea.

In the morning the plan is put into action. Each Sea Devil head is cut off and a rock tied to it. Ilwyn, knowing that the Sahuagin worship the shark god Sekolah, carves the runic symbol of their enemy god, Deep Sashelas, into each forehead. The highly religious Sea Devils will not be able to resist such desecration.

Caecius, Enna and Ilwyn swim out to the edge of the shallow shelf. They are accompanied by Elgold’s fire spider, which is a magic beast that does not have to breathe. Together they drop the heads down into the depths and then turn and begin to swim slowly back to shore.

The reaction from the Sahuagin is almost immediate. Before our heroes have gone far there is a blood-curdling screech from below and dim shapes begin to swarm up from the depths. Before the party is halfway back, a squad of raiders, priests and a giant baron are gliding towards them at great speed, jabbing with tridents while the priests fire great bolts of water.

Ilwyn and Caecius are badly hurt and might not make it. On shore, Elgold waves a hand and cast a spell that creates a distracting noise above the surface of the sea. The Baron and its priests stop a moment, confused by the sound. However, a pair of raiders continue the close pursuit.

The genasi flies up out of the water to escape while Ilwyn finds a burst of great speed to outpace the Sea Devils. This leaves Enna taking the brunt of the attacks and soon she is bloodied. However, she is close to the shore and quickly scrambles back up on the narrow beach.

With everyone safe ashore, Haleth and Elgold are waiting to face the Sahuagin. The monsters bob on the sea surface, screaming angry noises. Elgold fools them by casting an illusion of a rock wall that conceals the party from view. As the priests blindly fire bolts of water at it, missing everyone behind, the swimmers take a moment to recover.

For a moment our heroes believe the Sea Devils will try to charge through the illusion and attack them, but they hear the Baron rattle off noises that sound like orders being given. With a hiss the monsters withdraw and slip beneath the waves.

The party makes their way back up to the top of the cliffs. Their plan to draw out the Sahuagin was not completely successful. What should they now do? Should they return to Tendre and try to buy some water-breathing magic from Rothem to go and fight below? Or should they try another ambush here?

In the end everyone agrees to try one more ambush, though figuring that the Baron would be smarter than his previous raiding party and try to attack from the different direction. they set their traps, take up positions and wait…


  • 6 x Sahuagin Guards
  • 2 x Sahuagin Raiders


  • 200 Gold

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 175 XP
  • Bonus – 750 XP
  • Running Total – 23,125 XP


In another time and place the desecration of bodies might worry Enna. But she is so full of fire for her goddess and convinced of the utter evil of the Sahuagin that this act seems justified. At the very least it seems neither evil nor unlawful.

The Bloody Baron

Ilwyn is very pleased with his work on the Sahuagin dead, but is not happy about the expedition underwater. A little known fact is that goblins do not particularly like swimming especially if there are creatures around that will attack them.

The Bloody Baron

Elgold settles down to write in his journal, with Blas turning the pages with its furry, fire wrapped legs. “Yes”, says Elgold “I know you didnt like the wet and the salt my little spider, but you are part of me.. I feel your discomfort”. He stops a moment and makes an important note, “The Sahuagin masses are no cleverer than the other so called intelligent races… a simple spell of distraction and they panic. It’s like Thay all over again! But this Baron.. he seems something more. We will need to be clever with this one.”

The Bloody Baron

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