Tendre is the southernmost settlement on Adraan. It is also the largest and serves as the islands capital. It contains a large port from which ore shipments are collected and supplies are delivered.

The mayor is one Lord Devarran Filarris. He lives in a large manor in the north of the settlement.

The inn The Scarlet Dagger is owned by Tyess Alder and is offers a drink and a bed to all who need them.

The alchemist and magic shop is run by Rothem Alder where he sells all kinds of alchemical devices and even some rituals.

The blacksmith Ealni Oabeta owns a shop in the center of town and is skilled at working with standard and magical ores.

The general store is owned and run by Adun Bacoll and his wife Naissa Bacoll and sells all kinds of general equipment and supplies.

Due to the long journeys that are frequently made to the Goldmoor Outpost in the north, a large well stocked stable is present, where Layo Ocen will rent out or sell everything from pack mules to horse and carts.

The town guard and island millitary operates out of a large barracks in the south west of town. Lead by General Malyir Cravon, the guards are seasoned warriors shipped over from the Moonshae Isles. They are charged with defending all the settlements, citizens and shipments on the island. General Malyir Cravon’s second in command Lieutenant Aidella Krimari oversees the day to day running of the town guard, leaving Malyir free to organise patrols and guard details for the outlying farmers, fisherman and shipments.


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