Adraan is a small island and has only been discovered and populated within the last year and a half. Approximately 100 miles across, its environment is quite hospitible, with deep forests, rolling plains and towering mountains. It lies off the coast of Chult in the Trackless Sea.

It has been settled by a detachment from the Moonshae Isles who have founded a settlement and a mining outpost who’s purpose is to mine the rich veins of magical ore from the northern mountains.

The settlement in the south, Tendre, serves as the capital and the main port from which shipments of ore are collected and supplies are delivered. Ships arrive around every six months from the Moonshae Isles.

The mining outpost, Goldmoor Outpost, is situated some way up the Goldmoor Mountains close to the Goldmoor Mine. Ore from the mine is stored here and then sent in shipments back to Tendre via the main route along the Great North Road.

Tendre is supplied with food from nearby fishing settlements located on the shores of the Wildedell Lake and from farming settlments to the north of the Wildedell Bridge on the lush Summergrass Plains.

Water is gained from the Wildedell River on which Tendre was founded.

The Great North Road runs through a minor section of the Shiverfang Forest before crossing the Goldmoor River at Midway Bridge.

Goldmoor River runs from the Goldmoor Mountains and splits, one part running east to the coast and the other running through the Shiverfang Forest to the west coast.

Shiverfang Forest is very deep and largely unexplored, the settlers keeping to the relative safety of the Great North Road and their jobs of shipping ore and producing supplies.

To the east are 2 more small islands, the southern most of which is known as Ibion and the northern most known as Enga. Very little is known of these islands as the rocky coasts make finding suitable landing sites nearly impossible and the settlers currently have no reason to explore them.

Ibion is characterised by a range of mountains known as the Snowiron Mountains from which flows the small Snowiron River. To the south of the island are the Southmoor Hills.

Enga contains the small but towering Redcliff Mountains from which flows the Redcliff River that cuts its way through the Foghollow Swamp.


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