The Isle of Adraan

The Sea Devils
A fishy conspiracy tale

Dark shapes move between the tents, cutting the guideropes and collapsing them on their occupants.

Caecius sees the attackers are Sahuagin, or ‘Sea Devils’-fish creatures armed with fearsome tridents. He shouts an alarm, not that it’s needed now that canvas is falling in everyone’s faces. Beneath the tangled cloth hands grope out for weapons. In moments people are beginning to burrow their way out from under the fallen tents.

This only gives the Sea Devils time to close and strike while many of the party are still on their hands and knees. Haleth emerges into the night air to find himself trading blows with a Sahuagin in a tough one-on-one fight. Elgold appears and immediately turns the tide by casting thunderous spells down on the heads of the raiders, stunning them and sending them reeling.

Enna the elfin Ranger has no time to don her magical armour. Clad only in a flimsy nightdress she plants one arrow into the face of a minion while desperately trying to evade the thrusts of another Sea Devil’s weapon. The goblin Ilwyn avoids the jabbing tridents to scurry about in the dark, making sly thrusts at the creatures when he can. Caecius is everywhere, helping with his sword where he can, and offering an encouragement to those who are hard pressed in the battle.

Eventually, the Sahuagin are subdued and everyone is left to patch their wounds. The biggest casualty of the night is Enna’s nightdress, which is ripped and bloodstained. Exhausted, the party resolves to get a good rest from what is left of the night, so they can be fresh should more of these beasts appear.

Everyone breaks their fast late. Amongst the piles of Sea Devil bodies is a magic belt and a scrap from some book on the armourer’s art. It occurs to everyone that there may be more such pages at the Sea Devils’ camp and that these might be valuable to Ealni Oabeta, Tendre’s master armourer.

Enna scouts about for signs of more Sahuagin, but all she can find are tracks down to the river. The party decides that they will allow themselves a day’s diversion from delivering the message to try and follow the river and see if they can locate the creatures’ camp or settlement. They set off, with light-stepping Enna scouting ahead.

The first half-day they follow the river to the sea with no sign of any kind of Sea Devil community. At the sea there are a few old Sahuagin footprints, but otherwise, nothing else.

From the river mouth the Party elects to follow the coastline back to Tendre, so they can deliver the warning about the Northlanders. They make good time-another day and a half back to town-but see very little. Only at one point on the coast do they find anything suspicious: some old tracks that indicate men had once come ashore here. But the tracks are very old and worn and very little can be learned.

The party carries on to Tendre, where they find Lieutenant Aidella Krimari and tell her about the Northlanders – the barbarians who had ambushed the party in the forest. At first Krimari is incredulous, but she is convinced by the sealed message from the Goldmoor Outpost that confirms the story. She immediately puts the Tendre garrison on alert. However, she is still short-handed of men to try and deal with the menace of the Northlanders. Elgold, Caecius and Haleth offer the party’s services for 500 gold each. Again reluctantly, the Lieutenant agrees that they should go and find the raiders, and if possible despatch them.

However, there are few clues as to where the Northlanders are. There’s also much speculation as to whether they are in league with the Sea Devils, as the sea routes onto the island are difficult to pilot a vessel through. The thought is voiced that the recent appearance of the kraken may have not been a coincidence.

Eventually the party decide to head to the ambush site in the forest and try to pick up the Northlanders’ trail from there. Sharp eyes had noticed the lack of packs and baggage on the ambushers. Did they have an encampment nearby?

As the rain begins, the party set out, in a race against the elements to reach the site before the weather washes all signs away…


  • 8 Sahuagin Guards
  • 4 Sahuagin Raiders


Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 300 XP
  • Bonus – 400 XP
  • Running Total – 9161 XP
Ambush in the Forest
The Northlanders arrive

With the Kraken now dead, Captain Dielain sails his crippled ship into the settlement of Tendre, at the southern edge of the Adraan. In the fortified town the party find themselves the recipients of some considerable goodwill, the story of how they helped kill the sea monster having travelled fast. One contact the party make is Ealni Oabeta, the local smith. Ealni is a talented armourer eager to make use of the magical materials found on the island to make masterwork armour. She asks the party to help her researches, which she will repay with new suits of armour.

Eager to be free to travel inland on their quest the party members offer their services to Lieutenant Krimari as wagon guards for the shipments up to the Goldmoor Outpost. Though the military are a little suspicious of the band of adventurers, they are also short of hands since all the guards were lost on Dielan’s ship, and so Krimari reluctantly hires them.

The wagon already has a small guard, comprising a sergeant and a few men. The party travels with the wagon along the single road to the mines. On the second day, in the dark depths of the forest, the caravan finds a tree blocking the road. Enna suspects a trap and tries to scout the area, but before she can get far the sergeant insists on taking his men forward to move the fallen tree.

Enna spots someone hiding in ambush, but before she can shout a warning, the tree explodes, injuring the sergeant and his men. From all around arrows and crossbow bolts sing out and a few rough men charge the party.

There is a fierce fight, with Haleth briefly falling and Enna taking many shots. But eventually the enemies are dispatched, with only one managing to get away and evade Enna’s pursuit.

The sergeant is stunned. He says the attackers are Northlanders, barbarians from a distant part of the Moonshae Isles, who are not supposed to be on the island. After moving the tree he hurries the wagon up the road to the mine. It takes another two days to reach the mine. At the Midway Bridge some mysterious footprints are sighted but there’s no signs of anyone nearby. Reaching the mine the sergeant gives the local military commandant a warning about the Northlanders. The commandant is surprised by the news and commissions the party to travel back to Tendre as fast as possible so as to alert them to the interlopers’ presence.

The party sets off in the morning, making good time and reaching the bridge again. There, after checking the area is secure, everyone camps down for the night. It is a peaceful night until Caecius’s watch, when the appearance of some shadowy shapes at the edge of the camp startles the Genasi into raising the alarm…


  • 3 Human Bowman Lackey
  • 4 Human Lackey
  • 2 Human Ambusher
  • 2 Human Archer

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 345 XP
  • Bonus – 200 XP
  • Running Total – 8461 XP
I'm on a boat!
The Kraken Wakes

Awaking rather groggily on the windy deck of a boat, the party are surrounded by a number of tough looking guards. They are bound, hand and foot. Their weapons are piled away, out of reach. The imposing figure of an angry sea-captain glares down at them.

This is Captain Dielain, master of the vessel traveling to Adraan. Attempts to convince him that the party’s intentions are honorable fell on deaf ears. He does not believe their stories about dragons on the island and suspecting they are scoundrels he orders the group to be tossed overboard.

Just as the guards advance on them, there is a scream from the rear of the boat. One of the other guards has fallen overboard. Enna’s sharp elven eyes notice he seems to have something wrapped around his leg as he fell. Was he pulled overboard?

As the ships crew rush to aid their comrade, the boat suddenly pitches and rocks as if it has hit a rock. A shadow blocks the sun and the staggering guards are met with a colossal sea creature, a Kraken, using its great flopping tentacles to climb its way up the starboard side of the ship.

Captain Dielain is a man of great composure. Calling his men to arms, he and the other guards rush to meet the beast. Our heroes take this opportunity to act, Ilwyn swiftly slipping his bonds and freeing Enna. Enna in turn frees Caecius who then releases Haleth who finally lets loose Elgold. Grabbing their equipment from where it is stacked, the group assembles and turns to help Dielain fight the beast, which is clambering onto the ship, crushing the guards with its flailing limbs.

Elgold launches a furious blast of thunder, blasting the beast backwards and knocking a couple of guards off their feet. Caecius follows up with a ferocious charge, a bull rush that pushes the creature yet further off the ship.

Just as it looks like the defenders are gaining the upper hand, the Kraken vanishes beneath the ship, swiftly reappearing on the port side to grab Haleth, Ilwyn and Elgold in its tentacles.

Thinking swiftly, Elgold dazes the beast with his magic, forcing it to release his friends. Ilwyn retreats to a safe distance and begins to launch a flurry of crossbow bolts, while Haleth furiously begins hacking at the tentacles. The guards rush from starboard to port to join the fight. Together, the defenders begin to deal significant damage to the monster. Finally shaking off the effects of Elgold’s spell, the Kraken roars and swirling winds began to form around its massive bulk. These winds buffet and tear at the party, dealing heavy damage and sending them sliding across the ship’s sea-slicked deck.

Seeing the way the battle is see-sawing, Enna nimbly scrambles up the rigging to the safety of the foretop platform and with perfect balance, steps lightly out onto the yardarm from where she can rain arrows down at the evil creature.

The whirling winds begin to tip the battle towards the Kraken as they batter the defenders. Guards are slain and hurled from the ship. Captain Dielain is stuck by a tentacle and flung into the bowels of the ship, a clattering of crates being the last that is heard of him. Haleth then bears the brunt of the Kraken’s vicious attacks, as tentacles envelop him and begin to squeeze the life from him. As he falls unconscious, Caecius bounds to the aid of his friend and with an inspiring word brings him back into the fight.

The party start to read the creature’s movements, slowly scoring devastating hits against it. Suddenly, a pinpoint shot from Enna drives an arrow through one of the creatures eyes, destroying its brain and leaving its mighty corpse to slump over the side of the boat. As it begins to sink, the weight of the Kraken’s corpse threatens to capsize the ship. Then a shout from below decks sounds:

‘Get the Hell off my boat!’

There is the explosive report of a cannon. An iron ball rips out from the back of the creature, the force of the impact flinging it from the side of the ship, harmlessly into the open sea.

Captain Dielain limps up from the ship’s hold and thanks the party profusely for their help, exclaiming that he was now indebted to them, despite them being stowaways. He formally introduces himself and welcomes them aboard his ship, The Infernal Heart.


  • 1 Kraken


Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 416 XP
  • Total – 416 XP
  • Running Total – 7916 XP
Securing passage to Adraan

Adraan is an isolated island that is part of the kingdon of the United Moonshae Isles. Our heroes soon discover that the island is very secure. Its one export is magical ore and a lot of nobles and merchants have invested heavily in protecting this precious trade.

The party learns that a boat leaves for Adraan every 6 months or so to deliver supplies and return with cargo. Llewellen, a port city on the Moonshae isle of Alaron, is the departure point for the ship. On arrival the party discovers that not only is the city locked down with heavy security everywhere, but the boat is scheduled to leave today!

The party has to get on that ship! But how? If they cause too much commotion it could result in the boat being detained. They have to come up with a way to get on board without attracting attention.

Speaking to a gate guard the heroes find out that passage on the boat is impossible. Only authorised personnel are allowed aboard and to make matters worse, the entire dock area is off limits while the ship is tied up. It seems its cargo is exceptionally valuable.

Entering through the north gate of the port, our party sets about gathering information. They take a couple of hours to carefully canvas the town, speaking to residents and gleaning what information they can. They find that anyone of any importance is in the dock area and too busy to be seen. They also discover that wagons have been arriving throughout the day and are allowed through the gates to the docks.

Deciding to try their luck, they approach the guard in command of the dock gates and ask him to let them through to see either the ship’s master, Captain Dielain, or the Mayor of the port-both of whom could grant them passage. However the guard is under strict orders that no one go through the gate without authorisation papers.

The party considers many options, from ambushing a wagon to gain access to the docks to scaling the well-defended walls. Settling on no firm plan, they head to the local inn to see if they can glean more information. The owner of the Inn, Lillian, welcomes the party in and serves them drinks. As they chat with Lillian about local affairs, trying to find out a way into the docks, they hear a smash behind them. A group of drunk sailors are harassing a young waitress. Lillian pulls out a crossbow and launches a bolt into the center of the table.

‘Oi! Pack it in you lot! Don’t make me use this again’

Unfortunately this doesn’t serve as the deterrent she had hoped for and the sailors stand up menacingly and begin to approach the bar. The more noble members of the party immediately step in.

The fight that follows sees the sailors subdued. In gratitude Lillian tells the party about an old sewer entrance in the bushes to the northwest of town. It is locked, but the local elfuence redistribution technician, Doug, has the key and is currently drinking in the Inn.

He is quite drunk, but doesn’t feel like parting with his lovely key. He challenges the party to a drinking competition, Haleth the fighter takes up the mantle and prepares to steel his guts against the oncoming onslaught of ale!

Luckily the fighter has a handy little goblin companion, Ilwyn, who uses his quick fingers to swap a full flagon of ale for an empty one when Doug isn’t looking. Coupling that with the warlord Caecius’s attempts to distract the smelly drunk, Doug eventually lies unconscious and snoring on the inn floor.

Relieving him of his key, the party enters the sewers and trudges through the sludge to reach the Docks.

In the sewers, a stray fragment of magical ore that had tumbled down the well has somehow caused the creation of a giant slime. The party slays the gooey beast to be able to reach the far end of the sewers.

Before leaving the sewer, the party spots light pouring in from a break in the sewer wall. They enter a cave with a pool of water that is the bottom of the town well. Above, they can hear that a wagon has just arrived and entered the dock area. The wagon driver and a local administrator begin talking about events in the docks. The party learns that the boat is scheduled to leave within the next few hours when the tide is high. Also, all supplies are being held in the customs house where the wagon is to report to before proceeding to the crane that is loading the boat.

On exiting the sewer, the party surveys the area. There is a large building with a compound which is assumed to be the customs house. A large tower stands to the north. The boat is moored at the docks to the south with the crane operating nearby.

The party sends the sneaky goblin to start a fire somewhere near the custom house. This causes the guards and workers near the crane and pier end to rush to help put out the blaze, leaving the route to the ship clear. The guards on the boat are too busy organising other workers and trying to keep order to notice the party hiding themselves in some crates.

Once the blaze is extinguished, the crates, party and all, are loaded onto the boat and placed in the hold.

The things go black. Our party wakes up tied to a mast. A number of guards surround them and a tough-looking man looms over them. They have been caught nearly a day before the ship’s landfall and it doesn’t look good…

The Interim

Over the next year our party spends their time tracking the black dragon Nightscale from one location to another, always narrowly missing her. Eventually, the trail leads them to a recently discovered island, Adraan, a small civilized colony of the United Moonshae Isles.

The party needs to secure passage to the island… but how?

Jaspermoon Caves
The Rise of the Black Dragon

Arriving at the caves, our party can see a large number of kobolds in residence. They enter and slay the kobolds before advancing deeper into the cavern, where they encounter a tough band of hobgoblins and their leader, Varkaze.

Again our party triumph and as they enter the deepest recesses of the cave all seems quiet. A large underground lake dominates the room and in an attempt to measure the depth of the lake, the party throw a weight on a length of line into it. Sensing the party is close a female Young Black Dragon bursts out of the water and ambushes the party, leaving them in a desperate battle against an incredibly powerful opponent.

The fight is hard, but the party begins to get the upper hand. Sensing she is losing, the dragon lets out a mighty roar which is swiftly followed by the arrival of M’Dok and his two pet Deathjump Spiders. As he orders the creatures to defend his mistress, M’Dok reveals the dragon’s name is Nightscale. The spiders begin to pounce on the rearmost members of the party, dealing significant damage. Finally, the dragon is so wounded she is forced to retreat, launching herself up into the air and out of an opening in the mountainside.

With his mistress gone, M’Dok and his spiders swiftly fall, but not before knocking a few of our heroes unconscious. Once all their enemies are dealt with, the party recovers from their wounds and proceed to search the area. Oddly, there is no hoard, the heroes surmising that this was merely a base of operations and not the lair of the dragon, as they had originally thought. A quick sweep of the rest of the caves reveals a small amount of gold, but no further threats.

Leaving relatively empty handed, our party began the task of tracking down Nightscale, intent on taking her hoard for themselves and stopping her reign of terror.

Jaspermoon Village and the Westfall Tower
A Betrayal

Arriving in Jaspermoon in the early hours of the morning, the party goes to the inn where the owner, Jora Nahele, offers the party bed and board.

They discover from Jora that while there was no information on any ‘mistress’, their local hero and Mayor, Rakin Madrona, had gone missing while trying to defeat a band of Hobgoblins that had been raiding the town. Jora points the party to Rakin’s brother, Jantzen, who has taken control of the town in Rakin’s absence.

Jantzen and his security advisor Kiet are not as honerable as they seem. The party discovers that Jantzen did not really love his brother. However, the new mayor asks the party to recover his brother’s body so the townspeople can give him a proper burial.

The party accepts, tempted by the 1000 gp reward on offer and proceeds to Westfall Tower where Rakin had supposedly gone.

There they fight a small band of hobgoblins before solving a puzzle that unlocks a large inner door. Inside are some walking dead who are swiftly dispatched. Beyond them is a sealed room and when the party breaks inside they discover a human man at death’s door. The man is the long lost hero Rakin. The party fails in an attempt to heal him and so are forced to carry him back to town to receive proper medical attention. While exiting the ruins, they are confronted by Kiet and a band of brigands. It seems Kiet had attempted to kill Rakin and was hoping he and our adventurers would remain inside the ruins and die. The party defeats Kiet and proceeds outside where they are faced with a furious Jantzen. He and his personal guard attacks the party, intending to kill them all and hide his treachery. After a tough fight, the party triumphs and returns to the village with the injured Rakin.

Once healed, Rakin speaks of a nearby cave where he believes the hobgoblins operate. He says that this may have clues to the identity of the ‘mistress’ the party seeks. Also, killing the hobgoblins and their leaders would greatly help the town. Rakin offers 2000 gp for the service, as well as for rescuing him.

Duviks Pass
Fighting the plague

While crossing the Serpentcoil mountains the adventurers make a stop in Duviks Pass for supplies.

Upon arrival, they found the town quiet and almost deserted. Some investigation shows that a plague was ravaging the town, preventing the locals from permitting the local mine from being taken over by Kobolds. Unable to spare any supplies until their problems are solved, the Mayor of Duviks Pass asks the adventurers to help, promising them a full resupply if they can save the town.

The party travels to the mine where they fight and kill numerous kobolds. The kobold’s leader is named M’dok and on his corpse they find a note which reads:


Make sure you defend the mines long enough for Jakk to complete his work. The mistress wants the riches of Duviks Pass for herself. You know the price of failure!

-The Great Meepo

Traveling further into the mines the group uncovers a foul room filled with the dead bodies of the miners. This room is being used to breed the Burning Plague, which is being fed into the town. Many of the corpses rise up to stop the party, but are quickly laid to rest for good.

Entering the deepest part of the mine the party enters into a confrontation with an Orc Eye of Gruumsh, named Jakk. After a tough fight, Jakk lays dead and it becomes apparent he was poisoning the town’s water supply with the plague. His death dispels the magical plague and immediately the townspeople begin to recover.

On Jakk’s corpse is a letter that reads:


The mistress requires that the ‘cleansing’ of Duviks Pass looks like a natural plague, to deter people from trying to recolonise the area. Once your work is done, and the Pass is ready for the mistress, report to her lair near Jaspermoon Village for your reward.


The party returns to Duviks Pass, collect their supplies and proceed to Jaspermoon Village to investigate this ‘mistress’.


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