The Isle of Adraan

Snakes on this plane...
of existance.


  • 3 Yuan-Ti Stalkers
  • 2 Yuan-Ti Abominations
  • 3 Yuan-Ti Sharp-Eyes


  • 1 x Snakeskin leather armor
  • 3000 gold

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1360 XP
  • Bonus – 500 XP
  • Running Total – 64820 XP
Why does the fog have eyes?..... Ohhhhhh


  • 1 Beholder Death Tyrant

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1400 XP
  • Bonus – 800 XP
  • Running Total – 62960 XP
Wyverns & Dragons


  • 4 Spellscarred Wyverns


  • 5000 Gold

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1600 XP
  • Bonus – 1200 XP
  • Running Total – 60760 XP
Purging Evil


  • 4 Skeletal Arcane Guardian
  • 1 Eruwen Telential (Drow Matron)


  • 10000 Gold

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1520 XP
  • Bonus – 1000 XP
  • Running Total – 57960 XP (Level Up!)
The bigger they are
The harder they.. crumble into rock.


  • 1 Earth Titan
  • 1 Stone Titan


  • Greater Stonewall Shield

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1120 XP
  • Running Total – 55440 XP
Heed a warning
They're normally there for a reason


  • 18 Zombie Miners
  • 4 Cinder Zombies
  • 2 Skeletal Arcane Guardians

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 2120 XP
  • Bonus – 2000 XP
  • Running Total – 54320 XP
The Undead Come!
What is it with mines and zombies?
  • Running Total – 50200 XP
A traitor in our midst
And for once it's not a goblin.... probably.

The party take this opportunity for some well earned R&R. They use the new transportation system to travel to Tendre and use their accumulated wealth and knowledge to equip themselves for the challenges ahead. They return to the Goldmoor Outpost where they spend the night and gather their strength.

Upon waking the next morning, our heroes hear much commotion around them. They gather their things and head towards the storehouse. As they do, the door opens and a number of heavily armored guards come out followed by a tall, well built handsom man in ornate heavy armor carrying a large blade and a shield slung across his back. He immediatly see’s the party and strides over.

He introduces himself as General Malyir Cravon, commander and chief of all forces on the island. He thanks the party profusely for their intervention at the outpost, stating that if not for them, it would have been lost to the hoard. He also personally thanks Elgold for his work on the transportation system, without which he would not have been able to arrive so quickly.

He enqires as to the new members of the party, slightly concearned that new faces have appeared on his island of which he was not aware. At that moment Cale Falke walks over and greets the general. He explains that, while he has not met these new fellows, they were instrumental in helping he, along with the rest of the party, vouch for them.

Cravon accepts this then asks the party for their assistance. He does not have the manpower to find the source of the attach and hopes that our heroes will agree to investigate the mines destroy whatever evil they find within. He is willing to pay 10,000 gold pieces each for the service as without the mines, the island would be useless.

The party accept and Malyir gratefully tells the party they should visit Tobias Cooke at the mining camp to get an update on how the excevation of the mine entrance is going. He excuses himself to attend a briefing with Cale. Caecius exclaims that to attone for his previous behavior he will offer his services to General Cravon and use his tactical abilities and knowledge of the enemy to help formulate plans to keep the island safe.

Experience per Member

  • Running Total – 50200 XP
A New Member!
We need that like a hole in the head!... Oooo... sorry

The now unconscious enemies are easily finished and the party settle down to rest. As they do so the clearly resiliant barbarian begins to stir. Quick as a flash, Enna darts backwards and nocks an arrow while Haleth quickly moves forward to bind the waking human.

Now fully awake and surrounded by the angry party, the barbarian looks around, clearly confused. His eyes now have more colour, a conrast to the whitened glazed look he had while attacking the party. Our heroes immediatly ask him to reveal his reasons for his attack and explain who he is. The barbarian has little knowledge of the fight. He struggles to remember, but all that comes back are flashes of when he was tracking a target through the woods of the island. Then there was an ambush, after that, darkness, then he was in a cave holding documents, then more darkness, then now.

He shakes his head and apologises for his lack of memory and introduces himself as Amal. He explains the story of his life and how he was captured, tortured, experimented on with shadow and ultimately escaped to become an assassin hunting evil mages. The party are still very distrustful of the fellow, especially after the blow the received from Naram and the fact that mere moments ago Amal was attempting to kill them. Yire checks the barbarian over while Haleth quietly tries to assess the truth in Amal’s story. The Ardent finds there are 5 puncture holes on the back of the barbarians head, running in no particular pattern from the back of his cranium to the base of his skull. Yire is unable to determine their cause, but suspects they may have something to do with the barbarians earlier behavior. After careful consideration Haleth thinks Amal is telling the truth, however the rest of the party are still dubious. They dislike the fact that he was touched by shadow and consider it a taint, this is until Elgold pipes up.

‘Well, I can certainly feel the touch of shadow upon him, but he did tell us of this. It isn’t as though he tried to hide it.’

At that point Elgold’s spider, also weaved of shadow, proceeds to sit on Amal’s shoulder, looking quite comfortable. Elgold explains that, really, the barbarians power is not that different to his own.

‘The shadows work for us, they are not inherently good or evil’

The party are loosely convinced and release the bonds. They do however warn that any funny business will swiftly lose Amal his head.

They proceed back to the outpost. Their arrival prompts survivors to emerge from the manor house, one of whom is Cale Falke, the governor of the outpost. He surveys the devestation around him while a few guards and civilians follow him out of the house. He shakes his head, clearly shaken at the events that occured. He greets the party and thanks them for their service. If it wasn’t for their arrival the outpost would clearly have fallen. He explains that he believes Drek was to blame for the attack, opening the gate at night to allow the hoard to suprise the garrison before they had a chance to properly arm themselves. He curses the goblin, much to the delight of Haleth who joins him in his scathing remarks.

Cale excuses himself and sets about trying to resore some order. At that moment, a sheepish looking Caecius emerges from the store house. He is clearly ashamed of his actions and apologises to the party. He explains about what these undead did to him and his family but vows to never again let them best him.

Tired after their long journey the party finally have a chance to relax. Elgold takes this opportunity to proudly explain what he worked on while the party were away. He, on commission from the state, has constructed a magical transportation system between the outpost and Tendre. Goods and people can now be transported instantly, in small quantities, between the two locations. He has also gained the ritual

Translocate Materials

Allows the user to open a portal between his location and an anchor point. A single medium item (creature or crate of goods) can travel in each direction for the duration of the ritual. Requires the ritual casters full concentration at all times or the portal fails.

Cast Time: 5 Minutes
Cost: 100gp per mile from anchor point.
Arcana: Deduct 10 x arcana check result from cost of ritual. Minimum cost 100gp.
Check Result:
1-20: Portal duration is 1 minute.
21-39: Portal duration is 10 minutes.
40+: Portal duration is 1 hour.

This ritual essentially allows Elgold to connect a portal to either main location, for a cost. The party immediatly take advantage of this new system do visit Ealni Oabeta and Rothem Alder to hand in the designs they have procured and get themselves better equipment to help combat whatever lies ahead.


  • 6 Zombie Miners
  • 2 Undead Gibbering Abominations
  • 1 Barbarian


  • Piece of Earth Titan skin
  • Designs for Layered Plate
  • Designs for Githweave
  • Designs for Gith Plate

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1960 XP
  • Bonus – 200 XP
  • Running Total – 50200 XP
Into the arms of zombies
Enna's day went from bad to worse

The inky blackness of the portal realm still unnerved the party, however the pressing feeling of despair they encountered previously was notably absent. Enna took the lead, even her keen elven eyes struggling to follow the familiar golden thread. Finally a light came into view, the party stepping out into the storeroom of the Goldmoor Outpost. Breathing a deep sigh, pleased to be free of the murky realm through which they had just travelled, Enna was rather surprised to immediately be set upon by two pickaxe wielding zombies.

The zombies threw their bodies on top of Enna, grabbing and restraining her. Coming to her senses the elf quickly stepped into the feywild, reappearing some feet away, bow drawn and arrow nocked. As she loosed the arrow at one of her aggressors, she was shocked to see it land with a thud into the wooden handle of the zombies pickaxe.

Finally shaking the shock, the rest of the party immediatly engaged, quickly felling the two undead abominations. An uneasy feeling fell over Caecius at the sight of the living dead, however he held his nerve as the party tried to take stock of the situation. The storeroom itself looked a mess. Weapon racks were empty and various items were strewn around the floor as if the room had been accessed in a rush. Elgold then heard some commotion outside. Turning his head to look out the window he was met with an almighty crunch as a guards face was slammed into the barred window. The body slipped to the floor, behind it standing another of the foes the party had just slain. Widening his gaze he then noticed the pitched battle taking place outside as a number of outpost guards struggled against a hoard of the undead.

The party quickly rushed outside where bodies of humans and undead alike were strewn across the ground. It was at this sight, Caecius finally froze. He had seen this before in his home village and the death camps beyond.

Again the party engaged slaying a couple of nearby zombies. Naram held back, holding the Shard close, looking to protect it from the assailants. Two stronger looking zombies to the south started to overwhelm the guards and to the parties horror those that were slain rose again. Caecius’s fear only grew stronger at this sight as visions of his families death flashed across his eyes.

A battlecry from the south momentarily takes the parties attention. Charging through the gates into a zombie comes an Eladrin. He sets about engaging the zombies in an effort to help the outpost.

Suddenly Drek appeared from the manor house. ‘Quickly! This way’ he shouted. Naram looked up and then held the shard in the air. A huge shockwave of psychic energy barraged the area. As it struck, the guards in the areas gripped their heads and screamed in pain. Blood dripped from their eyes and ears as they slumped to the floor dead. The party heard intense screaming inside their heads, rendering them unable to do anything but resist the pain. Naram walked over to Drek.

‘So, you found it then’ Drek exclaimed.

‘Yes’ replied the Shardmind. ‘These ones were a great help’.

‘Haha, I knew they would be. Right, let’s get this thing to the mistress. She’ll be very pleased. What shall we do with them?’ the goblin motioned to the agonized party.

‘Leave them for the zombies. We don’t need to concern ourselves with them anymore. They served their purpose’.

‘Right o’ replied the goblin, tossing a scroll to Naram. The Shardmind reads the words and a magic circle appears around the pair. Finishing the incanation a circle of magic begins to rise around them, disolving their forms into the ether. The last words heard before Naram’s head vanishes are

‘So long ’Companions’’.

As the Shardmind vanishes, the parties heads clear. No longer held back by the guards the zombies are approaching quickly. The Eladrin is quickly surrounded and set upon by multiple tough enemies. Caecius is still frozen with fear and without their healer the party start to suffer damage. The Eladrin is felled and Haleth desperatly tries to shout words of encouragement to Caecius to get him back into the fight. They are to no avail, the Gensai remaining still.

The party attempt to fight their way to the injured Eladrin, Haleth constantly yelling at Caecius to get his act together. Some words finally make it through and Caecius and he is able to move his body, if only a little. The fight starts to turn in the parties favor with Caecius managing to heal the Eladrin and get him back into the fight.

Finally the last of the undead fall. As the party take 5 minutes to steady themselves the Eladrin introduces himself as Yire. A guard comes rushing into the outpost, his face filled with horror at the scene of destruction surrounding him. He sees the party and immediatly emplores them to help.

’They’re coming from the mines! We can’t stop them. You must come immediatly!’

Caecius backs off.

‘I can’t go! I WON’T go. They’ll kill us all, do you understand? No one will survive!’

He turns into the storehouse and bars the door from the inside. The party try to convince him to come out, but the Gensai won’t budge. In the end they take the decision to leave without him and hastily follow the guard to the mines.

The approach to the mine is littered again littered with bodies, guard and zombie alike. As the party reach the entrance they see more of the undead miners as however there are also two foul abominations, gibbering maddening words as they slump towards our heroes.

The fight starts well, the party quickly gaining the upper hand over the enemy. The maddening words of the abominations daze the party but they are still able to fight well. Suddenly a bloodcurdling scream eminates from the cave followed by a human, eyes glazed, charging at the party. He is a Barbarian and does not look happy. He slams into Yire, immediately entering a bloodthirsty rage. The party fight valiantly eventually felling all the undead but one abomination and the Barbarian.

Elgold sees the Barbarians massive damage as a serious threat and calls upon his greatest powers.

’Don’t worry, I know what to do’ he exclaims!

He uses his powers to flood the area with magical energy, causing all creatures in the area to slow and sleep.

‘You stupid Wizard!’ Haleth exclaims! ‘You yawn aren’t supposed to hit me with that’

The abomination drops first into a deep magical slumber. Haleth is faced with a raging Barbarian. He knows if he follows the abomination into a magical sleep that he will be at the enemies mercy and almost certainly lose his life! He concentrates on his foe and uses all his power and experience to shake off the magical effect.

The Barbarian swings his blade then falls unconcious, the magic finally taking effect.


  • 12 x Zombie Miners
  • 2 x Moilian Zombies

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 1040 XP
  • Running Total – 48,040 XP

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