Ealni Oabeta


Ealni Oabeta is the smith of Tendre. Skilled with all types of ore, she can craft varying levels of standard and magical items.

+2, +3, +4, Finemail, Forgemail, Layered Plate and Warplate books were in her collection that was lost on a shipment.
Githweave, Mindweave and Gith Plate originally decended from the Mind Flayers and their Thralls.
Drowmesh was developed by the drow but originated from patterns found in nature.
Snakeskin is rumored to come from giant snakes.
Earthhide would require a sample or an accurate drawing/image of an Earth Titan.
Darkhide would require the use and knowledge of dark shadow magics.
Braidmail is a design of elven decent.
Drakescale could be copied if she had the body of a Scytheclaw Drake.
Wyvernscale could be copied if she had a sample of a Wyverns skin.
Wyrmscale could be copied if she had some dragon scales to examine.

+2 Magic Item Tome located in Northlander Camp.
+3 Magic Item Tome located in Sahuagin Main Village.
+4 Magic Items available after finding Snakeskin and Mindweave.
Finemail Tome located in Sahuagin Camp in an underwater cave.
Scytheclaw Drake (Drakescale) killed in Shiverfang Forest.
Manual of natural patterns (Drowmesh) found in forest temple.
Wyvern Scales (Wyvernscale) from the small dragons on the Isle of Fire and Ice.
Githweave design stolen by Amal before he was fully dominated.
Layered Plate manual found in Goldmoor Outpost.
Gith Plate design stolen by Amal before he was fully dominated.
Braidmail knowledge known by the Eladrin Yire.
Skin sample of Earth Titan (Earthhide) from Goldmoor Mine entrance collapse.
Snakeskin from Yuan-Ti in caves.
Mindweave from Mind Flayers in Caves.
Forgemail Tome from Kuo-Toa.
War Plate Tome from Kuo-Toa.
Dragon scale from the temple on Ibion.


Ealni Oabeta

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