The Isle of Adraan

Yire's Confession

Yire, Imulo, Changeling, Dwarf

So, this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered one of my other forms. For those of you who remember the dwarf who appeared in the fight against the beholder, and the Kua-Toa who appeared just before the cyclops fight were both me.

Despite my initial intentions, which were to steal the scales of Nightscale for my master, you have grown on me as a group and I couldn’t find myself ever going against you. Despite any efforts at injuring me I’ve taken it in good stride and stood behind you, healing and increasing your abilities without question.

I’m sorry I didn’t allude to my true identity sooner, but I’m pleased that it’s out in the air now.


Haleth stares in dis-belief and considers gutting Yire

Yire's Confession

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